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I'm trying to put a longer blog post together tonight, but thought I'd post something shorter on the disability-related concerns in the meantime here.

With the cold spell the UK is in now, I've been feeling extra-lucky to have a warm house and no serious financial worries. Especially after seeing reports like this: Britain is freezing to death:

People really suffering from the cold )
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We're still getting snow. There was about 6" out there, at last check, maybe a little more. This wouldn't be thrilling back home, but it just doesn't happen much here. Last night they were forecasting the most snow in six years. :)

It's been interesting, watching people's reactions. Anything that brings out wonder and playfulness in adults who usually try too hard to be serious is good, IMO! A while ago, I was grinning, watching a couple of the HSS guys across the street, playing in the snow and getting into snowball fights in the parking lot. One man going by had to join in for a few minutes. :) They were out there for at least an hour, that I noticed, and may come back out after they get warmed back up.

In the adjoining parking lot, where a motorcycle training school is generally set up, there was a huge mixed group of kids at the same time, and they looked to be having a great time. They were just playing, making snow angels and having snowball fights, instead of trying to play a rather precocious version of the mating game. This was unusual behavior here, which I was glad to see. Anything that gets mixed groups of kids out just being kids together is similarly good!

Photos behind the cut )

There may be more pics later. I'm going to have to put on my boots and trot down to the Brewery, in search of some Nurofen Plus, besides still enjoying playing with the newish replacement camera (for one I managed to leave in a rental car at Dulles). After the ridiculous spill I took this morning, it seems like a good idea! I somehow managed to get the pointy edge of an open aquarium cabinet door in the middle of my back, which didn't do much for the muscles above or below. At least it didn't collapse the cabinet or anything! *shudder*

(Edit: Ingvar just called, and is going to stop on his way in. I still need to go out and play in the snow.)

Of course, that just gives me an excuse to go mess around in the snow. As if I needed one.

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