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OK, maybe I shouldn't have used that "if it's not one thing it's another" tag.

Thank goodness for prescription sunglasses! One of the lenses fell out of my glasses, and when I was trying to hold it in so I could find the case with tiny screwdrivers, the eensy screw fell in the floor, never to be seen again. *headdesk*

Well, I guess this is a push to get the wrong prescription/otherwise totally unusable new glasses fixed. (I managed to put that off, since I have trouble handling that kind of thing on my own.) Maybe I can scrounge another screw that will fit out of an old pair, in the meantime--I know Ingvar has a couple of old pairs sitting around. Sunglasses all the time is far from ideal.

Edit 23:10: Yay! Ingvar just fixed them, and everything looks very bright.
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Argh. Last night, I found a little water on the bed from the 150L bowfront aquarium where my nightstand used to be. (Limited places to put them, and it's easy to watch there! *g*) That one has a nasty habit of drips running down the sides from the hood, so I wasn't that concerned.

Now, I'm pretty sure it's got a very slow leak at the front bottom corner. I've left the second filter than causes the dripping off--no real need for it, low as the fish load is now--and there's no sign of water running down the glass from up there. But, there is still some dripping down the side of the cabinet onto a towel on the edge of the bed. And examining it a few minutes ago, a little water seemed to be welling up from under the bottom edging at that corner. I wiped it away a couple of times, and more welled up. Bah.

On the brighter side, at least if we have to spring a tank leak, it's one that's very easily noticed before all Hell breaks loose!

Good thing there aren't many fish in there now, just a couple of corys, a paradise fish (whose more aggressive brother lived with a goldfish, no problem), and 3 otos; I've mostly been using it to grow out plants. All of those are potted or on bogwood or rocks, at least. Guess I'll get to move the fishies into the library tank with the goldfish temporarily this evening, try to find places to stick all the plants, and drain the tank dry. Unfortunately, I can't think of a workable way to move all the tiny (2mm long at most!) freshwater limpets that showed up with the last batch of plants!

We just got a tube of aquarium sealant last weekend to use for something else, so that's something at least. I am tempted just to get the plant-choked 60L with snails and cherry shrimp in it sorted out, move the non-goldfish into it, and not set the bigger tank up again since I'll need to break it down at some point in the somewhat near future before we move anyway. But not this evening!

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