Apr. 20th, 2011

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I just wanted to say that I'm really, really glad I tried milkandmore.co.uk. I'd been operating on a per-order basis to try them out, but went ahead and set up regular milk deliveries today. (May add things like cat food later.)

It's really cool to still be able to get milk delivered in reusable glass bottles. (I don't use much other than in cooking, with highish-threshold lactose intolerance, but soy milk just doesn't taste right in coffee. And black coffee is nasty to me.) Even cooler to get unhomogenized organic stuff fairly cheaply.

The milkman may or may not be thrilled about their having added a lot of basic groceries and even bags of potting soil to the selection available, but it's already come in very handy for me. Competitive prices, with no added delivery charges. And you can add items up to 9:00 the night before, if you suddenly realize you're out of wet cat food or something.

One of the best parts for the socially awkward? They just leave the booty on the doorstep, or wherever else you request. Nocturnal as I've been lately, I'm usually still up when they come around, but most people aren't even awake around 5 am. (I've been leaving a cool bag for the chilled stuff anyway.) Win-win all around.

Yay for people who will bring me stuff. ;)

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