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The volunteer "Midewivan Sacred" tobacco plants (Nicotiana rustica) are doing very well indeed. They came up in a growbag, so I just left them there. There are seven plants at this point--a little crowded--but they seem happy enough.

The geranium in the background managed to survive the winter, which is the main reason I left the old growbag stack there. The green stuff on the wall is where some workmen upstairs dripped Cuprinol all over the place. And left it there. :-|

The biggest plant, about 2 ft. tall now, is getting tiny flower buds:

The flower clusters (photo) on those are gorgeous in a slightly understated way; you can see how closely related petunias are. I'm particularly pleased with all the volunteers this year. Not knowing how long we'd be here, I avoided planting more stuff this year, but we've got some annuals anyway. :) We did have one volunteer tomato plant, which was growing well until a slug cut it down.
urocyon: Grey fox crossing a stream (Default)
I'm taking a break after lunch. Today I decided to take advantage of the continuing warm weather (cloudier), and get some container gardening done. A lot of this has consisted of weeding, but I'm finally getting the rest of the pansies planted out, too.

Max has mostly been basking on the patio, but he did decide to help a bit. He added some of his own special formula of nitrogen-rich liquid fertilizer to the plastic bag spread out to catch the worst of the dirt. He even waited until it had a heap of soil on it, ready to top up a pot.

Ah, dogs. Male dogs.

An azalea with buds, but almost no leaves

I didn't think gastropods particularly liked azaleas, with their tough, leathery little leaves. I was very, very wrong. Oddly, they haven't touched the developing buds.

With any luck, it will recover in a sunnier spot, not shoved up in the snail habitat (a.k.a. the shady raised bed).

A very prickly rose bush

This is not the Portland Damask Rose de Rescht, as labelled; it may well be the Moss Alfred de Dalmas. They're about the same size, with similar growth habits. You can see the bit of Moss fuzziness on the unfurling leaf buds.

No matter the real variety, it's scary prickly! This photo doesn't do it justice.

I ran across some great photos showing some of the wide variety of rose prickles. Interesting.

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