Jan. 25th, 2004

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Thursday, I spent the day on a trip to Winston-Salem for that study interview. It wasn't terrible, but I'm never comfortable going--part of it is unease at feeling on display, I suspect--and I don't think I'll be doing it again. More than ten years is long enough, pet "early onset" bipolar or no.

Wednesday and Friday, I got my hair cut. Presumably because it's winter, the usual lady was overly hesitant to cut it as short as I was clear about wanting it--the same cut I'd had in warmer weather. I was slightly irritated at its looking like the choice between hoping it turned out reasonable and making a big fuss--the "hope it looks OK" option seemed preferable, though. It seemed like a bad sign when she reached for the curling iron, and I realised it just wouldn't do after my evening shower. At some point, I may well have to resort to the blow-dry-with-a-round-brush routine again, but do prefer to avoid that if possible. At least she supplied the old "couldn't tell if it was quite right until I washed it" excuse, and had no trouble working me in Friday morning. Two stages of cutting, some barely-veiled disbelief, and five additional dollars later, my head is properly hedgehoggy again. (Why keep fighting bushy hair that wants to stand up? *shrug*) With any luck, nothing similar will happen again.

I suppose it's yesterday by now, I got some shopping done in the evening. Some of it I'd meant to do earlier in the week, but was glad to get it all finished in an hour-and-a-half spurt. Going somewhere is always a good excuse for buying things. *g* Granted, I've been putting off buying a number of things, as it is. This little trip, I picked up a pair of shoes (reduced by more than half), a few pieces of clothing (two of which turned out to be on sale, though not marked as such), some basic items like socks (what has been devouring my black socks?), a finally-remembered watch battery, and some other small stuff. Not a bad haul for just about $100 all told, and a shorter and less painful trip than anticipated.

The newer Winter Storm Warning for Roanoke and the New River Valley is more encouraging, as far as travel goes:

Snow will begin by late Sunday morning... gradually mix with sleet Sunday afternoon... and then change to freezing rain or freezing drizzle Sunday night. Accumulations of 4 to 7 inches of snow and sleet are expected before precipitation changes to freezing rain... with an additional 1/4 inch of glazing possible Sunday night.

People should be prepared for winter storm conditions Sunday afternoon into Sunday night.

This is placing the freezing rain later than it had been expected previously. With any luck, it will hold out until even later; storms frequently do hit here later than predicted. I'll just have to cross my fingers and hope my puddlejumper can leave Roanoke on time tomorrow evening (argh--this evening!), and that things don't get too ugly in Philly by the time the other flight is supposed to leave.
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I'm just a little upset. Getting to the airport is already looking iffy, and snow is coming down harder all the time. No sleet or freezing rain so far *knock wood*, but the snowplow hasn't been around at all, either. (We're generally in decent shape for a residential area, since one of the neighborhood old ladies' sons works for the city--we might have to navigate one uncleared street to get to a more major road.) Wintry driving conditions don't usually bother me too much, even with all the idiots skidding around, but things are just not looking good today.

No word on the flights so far, of course. Roanoke airport's website is redirecting people to the airlines for flight information, which my mother is (wildly optimistically, I suspect) taking as a sign that they want to close the airport. Nobody's going to cancel this early, though. :/ This is the first time I have actually wanted anything to be cancelled--I'm beginning to feel like a particularly grouchy seven-year-old waiting for the school closings on the radio. It is somewhat promising that usairways.com is listing all of Virginia, along with Philadelphia, in a Weather Advisory. And after the crash in Charlotte last year, they're apparently pretty hesitant to take off in iffy weather.

There's no use worrying about this, I realise; either I can reasonably safely make it to Roanoke, or I can't. I may try setting off earlier than planned, before the weather has a chance to get even worse--if the flight is cancelled and I can't make it back to Radford, there's always Tim right there, with four-wheel-drive. (Families can be good at times. *eg*) I'd still be worrying, but very possibly agonizing less, if I'd actually purchased the ticket. Ah well.
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Some relief, at least: the flight from Roanoke is cancelled. I decided leaving for there was a bad idea, anyway, or I wouldn't be posting. Guess I should get on the phone and let [livejournal.com profile] vatine know. *sigh*

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