Feb. 7th, 2011

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Another addition to the Should Have Read The Label With More Care For Gluten Content list: a can of kippers. Well, Bücklingsfilets. (Yeah, I'm a weirdo who likes rollmops too, unlike the Household Swede.)

Along with the mustard seeds and bits of pepper, what did I spot clinging to the bottom of the can about halfway through lunch? A few little grainy bits, which looked suspiciously like cracked rye--definitely not barley, could have been wheat. Yep, peering at the label, the mystery grain itself was apparently lumped under "spices", but there was a "contains gluten" warning I'd missed when initially scanning it in the store--no doubt assuming that canned fish with a few spices thrown in would be safe. Yay. :-|

This is still not quite as odd an addition to the list as the Tesco spreadable cream cheese which turned out to be thickened with wheat fiber, of all things. (Thickeners in the first place? Not so great a quality indicator.) That one I only noticed when going through the "OK, what unusual things have I eaten lately?" routine a couple of days later.

With any luck, it wasn't enough to cause a problem, since I don't think I actually ate any of the little grainy bits. Luckily, I'm usually not that sensitive to small traces, but this is very unpredictable. Don't think I'll be making much in the way of plans outside the house for a few days.

More exasperating than anything else, really. Bah.

In more general news, the brain fog details have changed, at least. I'm still not doing so well at the whole "reading, then formulating a response and typing it out" thing, but have returned to my old hyperlexic ways. ("[L]earn to read whole sentences before they turn three"?#--sounds late to me. *wry smile*) I wasn't doing so well with reading for a while there. Which is handy, since February is consistently Depression Time--even more so with the more rapidly shifting light levels at this latitude, AFAICT--and holing up with a stack of books (or the still-Shiny New Android crammed with e-books, as the case may be) is an excellent way of riding it out. Yeah, this pattern is also more mildly frustrating than anything else, after 20-odd years; certainly nothing unexpected to get upset about. But, I will probably continue not to be online much for a while.

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