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Gosh. The cops just came back around looking for Neighbor Weasel (a little background). They were here the other night, when he apparently just wasn't answering the door. I must say, it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. :-| Mr. Puppy Kicker has been out on the deck again a lot recently, yakking on his phone, calling up everyone he knows to go on about how horrible his ex is and make threats against her. (She apparently already has a restraining order.)

As [personal profile] vatine observed, whoever is renting out upstairs sure does keep finding the best tenants. This is the second one the police have been around asking about! This year, no less.

I really don't like dealing with cops, even though it must be said that all the ones who have been looking for our neighbors have been polite. *shakes head*

Oh yes, I also got that post finished elsewhere: Water-Only Washing, part 2: Attitudes.

ETA: An unintentionally funny one I overheard (and, again, it's not eavesdropping if you have to try to block out the noise in your own house *shakes head*): "She's just taking the piss, getting that injunction. I'm going to kill her!" Erm, yeah, maybe you'd better work on that manipulation technique a little more if you want to come across as plausible, painting her as the villain.

I'm glad to see some sign that they may be taking the restraining order seriously, at least.
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I am probably coming across as pup-obsessed lately, but this has been taking up most of my available time and energy.

Right now I am having some serious troubles with that newfound emotional regulation thing. (To the point that I have an eye twitch and a splitting headache, and my back is firing itself up again.) People are definitely upstairs, have been talking and laughing up there for a while now, and I recognized Neighbor Weasel's voice.

In a way, I am extremely pissed off that anybody could just dump their puppy with the neighbors, and not even check on him when they come home. (Twice now.) OTOH, I am glad he seems that disinterested, besides a chickenshit. Not only do I not want to turn the pup back over to someone I was within a hair of calling the RSPCA on, I do not trust myself to deal with the guy face-to-face right now. At all. Unless I want to get extremely mean-mouthed at the very least, and very possibly pop him upside the head, neither of which anyone needs.

Now I should probably go and get a hopefully relaxing cup of tea and some pain relief and valerian-based stuff. And try to stop grinding my teeth. ;)

Edit: For "turn the pup back over", read "get into probably a fight and quite possibly legal difficulties over refusing to give the pup back". Which was more what I meant.

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