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I just got off the phone with my mother a few minutes ago, and am irritated.

Sidney, general packrat, has a problem with piling things up. One of the neighbors complained about what he's managed in the back yard with, I think, wooden pallets, again, so he had to go to court this morning. Not unreasonable in itself; having lived with the man's accretions of stuff, I'm very sure they're unpleasant to look at from two houses away.

This was apparently Sid's second appearance over this complaint--the first time he was given two weeks to clear things away or build a fence, more reasonable than in past.* The fence wasn't finished quickly enough, so he was fined $175--again, fair enough--and had his driver's license pulled for three months.

That is simply ludicrous. In no way does being a packrat justify yanking someone's driving privileges, like one would a recalcitrant child's. I had been aware that Virginia had managed to sneak in the ability to suspend driver's licenses for all sorts of ridiculous things, but it hadn't really sunk in that they were really doing so on a regular basis, over such petty crap. (And I am going to have to make sure my license is all sorted as soon as the DMV is open Monday after we get there, after having it pulled over a parking ticket I wasn't even aware was gotten on my car.)

The main objection is that it's a completely inappropriate penalty, but in this case it really is an overly harsh one. In an area with no public transport, Sid--arthritis and all--is the only one in the immediate family who has been up to driving recently. Still more ludicrous, his sick wife is planning to go in and have a few words with the judge over that one (yes, this has really burnt her ass); I really hope she doesn't have my grandmother in tow. It's annoying that people need to resort to this sort of thing.

* Perhaps the most incongruent sentence was community service, at the dump of all places. Sounds like a great idea for someone prone to dragging things home in the first place. ;)
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