Jan. 3rd, 2011

Brain foggy

Jan. 3rd, 2011 08:11 pm
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Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been having a hard time with commenting, but have been reading some.

An excellent post from [personal profile] kaz I didn't have the spoons to comment on earlier: Variability, video and being a Good Disabled Person. (So it's also not just me with the commenting variability, which was kind of reassuring to see. *shakes head*) The variability is probably one of the most difficult things to deal with, IME.

Lately I've been having a lot of brain fog (pretty good description, BTW) and "migraines". Now I'm suspecting that the wonky blood sugar and possible-TLE may be ganging up together in sort of a vicious circle. The two go together a lot apparently, and fluctuating blood glucose will trigger seizures which then raise your blood glucose levels. (Nice! :-|) It would explain a lot, including why the BG levels have been so hard to manage.

(More support for the seizure idea, which I ran across while looking for something entirely different, here. The same thing happened to me multiple times as to the OP there when going off medications acting as anticonvulsants--and onto ones that will lower the seizure threshold.)

From the brain fog link, I ended up trying the Online Cognitive Screening Test from University of Florida, out of curiosity, the other night. The results were both encouraging and, erm, really not. On one hand, yeah, I'm not just imagining that the brain fog is a significant problem; OTOH, scoring 1st-3rd percentile "very low" on an assessment intended for people with Alzheimer's when you're tired is more than a little demoralizing. :( Not that verbal memory and task switching are my strong points at the best of times; I've been hesitant to retry it when just "normally" fatigued. But, again on the brighter side, maybe I'm not coping so badly (and/or Not Trying Hard Enough) after all. *wry smile*

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