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Mirrors has found a new perch on a (mostly unused) spot of kitchen counter:

A black-and-white fluffy tuxedo cat in a cardboard box barely big enough for the cat

And High-Vis Boy was very high-vis indeed, a little while ago:

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier in a hoodie with a reflective, high-vis vest, and a glowstick attached to his collar

I figured that one of the reasons Max has been so excitable lately, with the fireworks especially, is that he hasn't been getting nearly enough exercise; he's pretty high-strung at the best of times. (BTW, the half a Nytol--25 mg diphenhydramine--combined with a couple of Kalms Sleep is the best combo we've found. Thanks, [personal profile] angiereedgarner!) I just about felt up to taking him out today to run around off-leash and work off some nervous energy, but it had started getting dark by the time I got around to it. So, he got to be Super High-Vis Boy.

It was chilly enough for one of his hoodies anyway, so I safety-pinned his Reflectavest with the worn-out Velcro onto it. We had a spare glowstick from when [personal profile] vatine did him up as Low Rider Dog (photos didn't turn out so great), so I rubber-banded it to his collar. That worked well enough that I'm tempted to pick up another 3- or 4-pack at Poundland, for future use. :)

We went to the playing fields nearby, and it was kind of freaky, watching a glowstick bouncing around a little more than a foot off the ground. *g*

But, we already knew that visitors have landed in Romford, and tried to blend in with native dress:

A Staffordshire Bull Terrier in a hoodie, with the flash making eerie eyeshine
"Yawright? This is Essex, innit? Take me to yer lager...innit...mate...?"
Hoodie Boy in the playing fields after dark, last winter.

It turned out to be an even more excellent thing that Max was so conspicuous; when we got back close to the street, he decided to take himself home. *headdesk*

It just about scared the life out of me. I called for him on that street for several minutes, and one of the people living there told me he'd gone thataway, toward the one busy street between there and home. :( Max behaves like a total idiot near traffic; he gets very anxious indeed, and wants to dash straight in front of cars. Before we tried the front-clip harness on him, he almost pulled both of us humans into traffic more than once. (A low-slung 25 kg/55 lb. dog can pull, especially with those bully shoulders.) But, I was relieved to get to that street and not find him lying in the middle of it. :-|

I called for him repeatedly on the about six blocks home, and startled at least one fox crashing through the shrubbery. But, yeah, he was waiting outside the back gate, obviously wondering what had taken Mommy so long.

I was very, very glad to see him. And the next time I let him off lead there, after dark or no, he's getting captured again before we get anywhere near the street.

So much for taking it easy today. *shakes head* It's only 7 p.m., and after that, it feels like at least midnight.

BTW, in other dog-related news, we haven't seen nor heard the pup upstairs in better than a week. Neighbor Weasel took him somewhere in the middle of the night, and he hasn't come back. Wherever it was, it's probably better for him than living with Neighbor Weasel. :(
urocyon: Grey fox crossing a stream (Default)
Nobody can fairly claim that Punkin doesn't work hard, at least toward goals that suit the Punkin.

Through dint of much persistence, she found a new tactic guaranteed to wake up the humans, while simultaneously being very pleasant for Punkin: if feet and ankles are sticking out from under the covers, you tooth and lean your head against them. A single toe would do, in a pinch. The human makes odd noises--possibly dreaming of giant squid, though that could have something to do with being in the middle of The Skinner--and will quickly jerk into an upright position and some semblance of consciousness.

It's hard for humans to resist the rubbing teeth. Argh.

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