Oct. 12th, 2004

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Sorry it's taken me so long to reply to comments on my last entry--they really were appreciated. In the meantime, I've been down with the flu, rushed off my feet trying to run a house with four people instead of two in it, starting into a lovely case of SAD on top of the viral-induced mood weirdness, and now beginning to whine. ;) Oh yes, and we're all coming down with another cold on the tail end of the beforementioned flu [livejournal.com profile] vatine brought home from work--he was feeling icky enough to stay home today with a cough and sore throat. At least my mother and I are the only ones with the wonky Amerind immune systems, in which respiratory viruses are gifts which keep on giving for weeks (and the same strains may come back and say howdy, thanks to forming few if any antibodies). Sidney and Ingvar should be back to normal in a couple of days.

(No, I'm not fishing for sympathy, have just been trying not to complain much around the house. *g*)

Yes, Mom and Sid are still here, sleeping in the front room as I write. They were supposed to stay for two weeks, but my mother was not doing as well as she let on so soon after surgery and needed to recuperate a bit longer--her depression/diabetes vicious cycle had been slowing down her healing, and she's been feeling much better here. She probably shouldn't have made the trip, but wasn't about to miss the wedding, and insisted that we not postpone it.

Another major factor--the main ostensible one--was trouble with the airline. They postponed doing much of anything to straighten out the situation, mainly because my mother wasn't ready to go home--until she felt more prepared and I wound up sending a letter, which should explain the situation: )

On one hand, I am pleased to have them here, but it is beginning to get a bit wearing. Especially as Ingvar seems far more concerned about planning in advance and about set routine than I am, and I feel caught in the middle. Coming from such a hospitality tradition--even when one's own parents are involved--that making the gentlest of inquiries about when people might be planning to leave feels horribly rude only intensifies those feelings. But, with any luck, we will hear back from the airline soon; I purposely did not include other contact details because I wanted something in writing. If they do not provide satisfaction within a few days, there are other routes to pursue which should embarrass the devil out of United, and I believe they'll richly deserve it by that point.

Oh, and in other--by no means least important--news, Mirrors is recovering extremely well. Monday he went back to the vet's to have his sutures removed, along with what sounded (aptly) for all the world like the "Bastard Collar" every time that vet referred to it. He doesn't seem to be in much pain, and is only spending nights in his cage now. He's been showing enough sense to avoid doing things which are uncomfortable, and we haven't even had to watch him much to make sure he doesn't jump or climb to do himself further injury. Yay for advances in veterinary orthopedic surgery!

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