Aug. 10th, 2004

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One of the "good" things about my mother's getting sick is that it's provided enough of a push for her to apply for disability, finally. Over the past few years, she's had enough trouble between the fibromyalgia, the diabetes, and depression that she hasn't been able to work--nor has she been able to follow through with the SSDI application process. I can understand that. Admitting that you've reached such a shape that it's really necessary isn't the easiest thing, to begin with. I had a good taste of that one when I had to go on SSI after the big classic bipolar crash at Tech.

At any rate, she had submitted the application, with the help/pushing of a woman at Pulaski Hospital as well as Sidney's, and was just waiting for the interview(s). Yesterday an, erm, interesting response came in the mail. Her application was denied because--get this--the phone was disconnected. The letter didn't include the expected things about their needing more information and being unable to get in touch, just a rather terse rejection of the application.

Pretty good strategy, that. In this case, Sidney just forgot to pay the phone bill again, but if they hold out long enough on ill or injured people out of work, a good number will starve out to the point that the phone gets shut off. That should add significantly to the attrition rate. After all, you couldn't be in too bad a shape if you can't hold out any longer and somehow manage to drag yourself back to work (as Mom's cousin Barbara recently had to do, having waited more than a year with her rotten son's kids to take care of--bad back and a mood disorder that makes most other depressives look cheerful, bah).* Not to mention those who are just not up to dealing with multiple rounds, and give up.

Mom's not exactly happy about having to start from the beginning with the application process, but at least she's not in as desperate a shape as so many of the other people who need to apply. *shakes head*

* Yep, we are the Bipolar Family, on all sides--I do suspect a founder's effect--and I was the first one diagnosed. Go figure.

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