Aug. 2nd, 2004

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Since [ profile] vatine is working late shift this week, we set off for Dalston-Kingsland station to look into getting him all duded up for the wedding. After a bit of wandering out through the market to the marked place on the map I'd so handily printed out before leaving the house, there was absolutely no sign of a Highlandwear shop. I must admit that the signs on the street did not look promising early on, but we wandered around a bit and looped around--surely we'd walked past the indicated spot on the map.

Then I figured out that I'd looked up the location of a recommended Turkish food shop, in my search for the oddly addictive Kashkaval cheese and some other items here, and must not have reloaded the map with the proper postcode. We should have been in North Finchley. Oops. Perhaps tomorrow.

I did spot some wonderful-looking produce and terribly fresh fish of yummy typees while strolling through the market, though. Going back another day for veggies and fruit, and with a cooler for fishy transport, might be worthwhile.

We headed back to Stratford for lunch, so each of us could easily move on to our intended destination afterward--a pretty good pub lunch with drink for just over £3 each. After we ambled back to the station, I made the mistake of trying taking the bus home, simply because I hadn't done so before. That one stops probably 200 yards from the house. What I didn't take into account was (a) it was becoming progressively hotter this afternoon, (b) I don't tolerate heat well, and (c) it's even hotter in the top of the bus *shakes head*. After snarly traffic into, through, and out the other side of Ilford, the ride took more than an hour. First stop--even before a cold drink--after getting in the door, was a cool shower.

That is one experiment I don't think I will repeat voluntarily anytime soon.

All told, the day was funnily amusing.

Oh yes, I went ahead a little while ago and ordered the jewelry for the wedding (and surely afterward), to be delivered to my parents' house. After a little internal struggle to convince myself that it/I was worth the expenditure. *wry grin*

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