Jun. 1st, 2004


Jun. 1st, 2004 12:48 pm
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The weekend was pretty uneventful, particularly since I kept napping in the afternoon. ;)

Sunday we headed out to the Shakespeare's Head in Holborn to meet up with some asrlon people, which made for a pleasant enough evening. The pub burger was about the worse I've had, which is pretty spectacular in itself; the top of the bun was hard enough to make hollow thudding noises when tapped with a fork, and that was just the beginning of that sandwich's problems. *g* My stomach wasn't feeling great yesterday, and I'd have blamed it on the burger but for the fact that Ingvar's was doing so as well. Maybe it was the kebabs we picked up on the way home. My first post-pub kebab since arriving, come to think of it, and actually pretty tasty. :)

Yesterday I woke up early, thanks to little Mirrors lying right up against me so that I couldn't move and occasionally batting at my arm--he is a cat, after all. At the time, I was grudgingly half-pleased; it gave me an opportunity to lug the trash out front at the last minute. Of course, it stayed right there until this morning, yesterday being a bank holiday.

As Ingvar mentioned, he put up a batch of his mainly salty Swedish dill pickles yesterday afternoon. The timing was great; since we don't have small pickling cucumbers in evidence yet, he's been using the long commercial type, and the local Sainsbury's had a bunch of them marked down to 29p each (from 59p). They should be done in a few weeks. Yum.

While I was at Sainsbury's, I also picked up collars and tags for the kitties. They'd been showing entirely too much interest in the sliding glass back door for days, plus the people had gone to fetch them in from outside when we went to pick them up--trying to keep them in all the time just seemed to be postponing the inevitable. I was slightly surprised when they finally did go out, though; Mirrors had been trying harder to go out the past couple of days, but showed far more hesitation and timidity than Smoke when time came actually to go. The little Smoke girl scampered out and sniffed around immediately, and was trying to climb the gate while he was still looking unsure about things. Today they're both easier about it overall, and have followed me for a little romp most times I've nipped out for a smoke.

Ingvar's pickle-making prompted me to go ahead with something I'd considered doing but had postponed: putting up a small batch of chow-chow. I've never tried making it before, but it's a relish I really enjoy and have already started to miss--especially on cheese sandwiches! That recipe sounded pretty good, though I prefer the sort with the cabbage shredded/sliced finely, as for sauerkraut or coleslaw, rather than grated; the texture is better. And I decided to reduce the celery seed, because that just sounded like a quantity for someone who really likes celery seed, and increase the onion to be closer to what I remember. Right now the vegetables are sitting with the salt on. I'm going to process it in a water bath, to make sure it keeps well--it's just a good idea with most pickles and relishes.

After that, I think I'll take a nap. ;)

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