May. 11th, 2004

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This morning, before [ profile] vatine had to get to work, we trekked over to Canary Wharf and looked at stationery. That shop didn't have as much loose-type paper as either of us expected, but we did get a little better idea of what's out there for invitations. A creamy parchment type is appealing, but I had already eyed some similar to another type the shop carries. It's more expensive, but still tempting.

Lunch was interesting. We stopped at Bene Bene just in time for the lunch rush, and finally managed to snag a table right next to where people were massed around the counter, waiting to pick up their food. I'm not so fond of crowds and feeling trapped at the best of times, but with both of us likely coming down with the flu (and the lovely viral effects on my mood), I wished I'd had some Xanax to inhale by the time I got halfway through my ciabatta. (My mother is still playing phone tag with the mostly-retired Dr. Dubner, over my records. Grr.) The sandwich was tasty, though. *g*

We browsed a bit, since he didn't have to head off to work for a while, though neither of us was the best of company today. :) I picked up a bird identification book, which should come in handy. Yesterday evening, I set out a milk-jug-cum-bird-feeder, and this afternoon I picked up a nice little proper bird feeder at Woolworth's on the way home. That's still waiting to be hung, since I really didn't feel like messing with it after I got home.

On the way home, after he went off to work, I decided to stop off in Stratford and look around for a bit. This was partially prompted by getting impatient with the information screens in the station being down, when I couldn't remember the right platform. (Yes, I wound up asking someone.) I was under the impression, for some reason, that there was a pet shop in the shopping center right across from the station, and thought I'd browse around in there for a while. Not so, but I found other semi-interesting things.

I picked up the bird feeder while I was there, and briefly considered a cheap hanging basket before deciding that lugging it home on the train wasn't the brightest idea. I also found, at one of the market stalls inside, a nice inexpensive lemon geranium about to bloom and a thyme plant to replace the one that looks like it's going to die, planted in a paving crack. (Ah well, it was worth a try--I think it's staying too wet here.) I'll not go back there, though; the plant-and-flower man tried to shortchange me by £5, and I could tell it was intentional. Great way to attract return customers. *grumble* I managed to stay irked about that for 20 minutes, the mood I was in.

At a produce stall apparently catering to West Indians, I picked up some lovely okra, far less expensive than the extortionate supermarket prices I've run across. It's now simmering in a chicken gumbo, via smothered okra*--well, cheater's gumbo with chicken breast. Mmm. They also had nice-looking mirletons/chayote and huge pawpaws cheap, but the realities of rail travel intervened again. Some stuffed mirletons would be nice, though. I may have to stuff some other squash instead.

On the way home, I managed to get on the wrong train--the broken display screens helped with this. So I wound up on a fast train which stopped first in Shenfield, trotted up to another platform to catch a train headed back toward Romford, then wound up having to go right back to the original platform or wait half an hour. *shakes head* I did get home eventually. It was just that sort of day.

* The guy really does overdo the "slime" references there. :)

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