Apr. 29th, 2004

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Oh dear, [livejournal.com profile] jeremysavage pointed out another of the (expletives deleted) laws likely never intended to be enforced. The Virginia legislature has always been big on these, and now there's not even Madison Marye to pester about such things. Grargh. At least it has very little chance of standing.

On a somewhat calmer note, I managed to spend some time today working on my Mingo, which I've neglected lately. Humbling, as usual. Here's a newish page with animal pictures, for the bored.

The Mingo reminds me of something I'm not missing. Before I left, my mother was coping with things by telling everyone she ran across that I was about to move, which is rather understandable. I had to get amused, though--and eventually annoyed--at part of the obligatory response: "Why isn't he coming here?" *sigh* Thank goodness people seemed content for Mom to field the question, since she'd started into the subject to begin with.

What did slightly surprise me were some of the responses I witnessed. Yes, people could understand that existing jobs and dwellings might be a consideration, but it was obvious that a couple of older ladies in particular still didn't approve; one actually appeared offended. It seemed to go against their notions of the proper order of things more than I expected.

This question wouldn't have been raised, were I male--I'd just be expected to move, be it to Fincastle or Mongolia. I do suspect that half the reason is so they'll be firmly within the inlaws' sphere of influence (and within smacking distance of their mothers-in-law, should it come to that).

It just struck me as slightly interesting, if frustrating, what a firm hold the old approach has kept in this respect, and how this contrasts with the more frequent pattern of women tending to relocate. It's one of the few apparently rigid gender-based expectations I've run across.

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