Apr. 26th, 2004

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Note to anyone who might have considered trying this: hiking out for shopping in relatively untested sandals is not the best plan, even on the basis that "Sainsbury's isn't that far." Ouch, my calf muscles. :/

Lots of documents arrived today--first a FedEx packet from my parents (birth certificates and such are handy), then some awaited proof of residence in the form of what looks to be a council tax statement. Even one addressed to "Ingear" and "Racheal". *shakes head* Yay--besides more things to show the registrar later this week, I now have the documents to open a bank account.

After I tried calling that credit card company again this afternoon, it seems that the problem was an improperly credited payment, rather than anything more nefarious. That should be fun to sort out, but at least the card doesn't need cancelled or anything. Whew.

Waiting for the bus on the way back from the store, a rather batty old lady struck up a conversation with me. This seems to happen frequently, more than would be explained by appearing polite; maybe it's easy to recognise fellow batty old-ladies-to-be. :)

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