Mar. 28th, 2004

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It's an absolutely beautiful day out--70°F/21°C still, sunny, and breezy with the beginnings of that soft spring feel to the air. It's pleasant to sit in here by the open window and notice that the birds are once again almost drowning out the traffic sounds drifting up from the valley, though the trees haven't yet leafed out enough to filter it. The view across to the ridges on the other side is only slightly dimmed by the other window with its screen that doesn't get cleaned often enough, being effectively on the second story, and by the ubiquitous power line redeemed as a squirrel run.

Still, I'd rather be outside. There's still about a month's grace period before the mosquitoes are out in full force, yet the late afternoons and evenings are mainly pleasant. It's silly that I feel like I need to be doing something to spend time out in the yard; I'm not sure what to do this spring. Digging for digging's sake doesn't seem entirely reasonable, and there aren't rosebushes and the like waiting to be planted this year. This would be a good day for it, with days of rain expected. I could plant a few hardy things like onions and mustard greens, maybe some sweetpeas, for my parents; I'll be gone before the threat of frost is.

It feels stranger than I'd expect, not to have as many opportunities for what might be considered horticultural therapy, right at the time of year when I'd normally start digging like a fiend anyway and at a point that stress levels are mushrooming. Maybe I could go and do some things for my grandmother earlier than usual, come to think of it.

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