Feb. 10th, 2004

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Yesterday evening, I went out. On the bus on the way to the station, I felt a strong urge to throttle a boy about the same age as my cousin Bryce, probably 10 or 11. He was clambering around, swinging from the handles and jumping on seats, all the while singing at the top of his voice in a deliberately annoying manner. I settled for giving the little twit evil looks, waiting for at least one older lady to Deal With Him (this never happened, which rather surprised me). I did come within a hair of grabbing his foot when he almost kicked me in the face, at one point. He didn't manage to pull the "What are you looking at?" number with complete impunity when one lady was leaving the bus, at least; she looked very irritated, but actually said less than I'd have expected. I kept thinking of the reactions Bryce would likely get--and rightly--should he decide to try on behavior like that on public transport. Yes, I am feeling like a cranky old lady now, but can't carry off the "Don't you have any raising?" sort of thing very well--yet. *g*

[livejournal.com profile] ruthi met me at the station at the other end (very kind, and an excellent idea, given my sense of direction), and we walked back to their place. After walking there once, given a map, I might be able to find the place on my own. :) She gave [livejournal.com profile] vatine a call along the way; luckily, he hadn't gone straight home from work, so was able to head out to Walthamstow to join us.

Cookie made scones, and I almost foundered myself. Mmm, clotted cream and jam. [livejournal.com profile] vatine demonstrated proper Swedish coffeemaking, but I had to content myself with more tea, since I didn't think a Rachel apparently on speed would be too welcome. (I can only handle a couple of cups of café au lait with chicory these days before the caffeine hyperreaction becomes, erm, interesting.) We played a game, the name of which I can't recall at the moment--it was fun after I got the rules through my thick head, though. :) This happens a lot. A pleasant evening was had by me, at least. We took a cab home, since we were late heading back to Romford, and were sleepy people this morning when the alarm went off. I hope our hosts were in a little better shape. :)

Today I read, scavenged easy food, went back to bed for a while, read some more, and did a little shopping. I picked up some whole trout, complete with little fishy heads--I think I'll remove them before cooking, not particularly enjoying food that looks back at me. It was a lazy day.

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