Feb. 3rd, 2004

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I just had a conversation with an orange cat in a tree; he looked like the same one who sneaked in here in August and peered around the doorway at me. I have no idea how much he enjoyed the talk, but he certainly was staring at me. His looks sort of reminded me of Rocky's--I still miss the little goofball.

I'm glad to be here. The flight over was uneventful, if hot. (A cookie I put in the seat pocket had molten chocolate chips when I went back to eat it!) I did just barely make the connecting flight in Philly. There should have been plenty of time, but I wound up hoofing it from Terminal F to Terminal A. If I don't find a better means of transport than the walkway on the way back (there must be one), I think I'll take one of the ubiquitous cabs back to Terminal F.

Yesterday was a lazy day. I fell back into bed when I. was getting ready for work, and didn't regain consciousness until 10:30--guess I needed the sleep. :) Then I spent the day lounging and reading until the strange domestic urges took over and I absolutely had to get moving (I'm beginning to suspect that it's genetic, or something). Food in the house is a good thing.

Unfortunately, I didn't find any reduced, almost-past-sell-by-date produce yesterday, after hiking to Sainsbury's largely to look for it. Yes, I was infected with the thrifty shopping bug early. However, I have been impressed at produce prices in general being lower than the more-recently insane ones at home, along with dairy. (Cue grumbling about agricultural/price meddling.) Milk is far less expensive than our subsidised school lunch milk ever was. Meat, in general, is a different matter. I look at prices, still occasionally have to remind myself that they're per kilo rather than per pound, and sometimes still feel like screaming. :) Ah, for $0.39/lb. on sale chicken!

It did occur to me to start keeping a grocery price book, since my memory just is not up to the task. My mom can keep all that in her head, with no problem, but I'm really better off jotting things down. For too long, I just tried to force myself to remember things, but why, when it's easy to make notes? Now to keep with it.

For more evidence of domesticated madness, I felt a strange urge to do laundry today. Minor kitchen cleaning yesterday, laundry today--I shudder to think what urge might overtake me tomorrow. *g* It really is a tad disconcerting.

This evening, we're going to a birthday thing for [livejournal.com profile] redcountess at the Princess Louise at Holborn. I'm repeating the place, partially so that I don't forget. :)
urocyon: Grey fox crossing a stream (Default)
I think it's safe to say that, otherwise, I would never have considered serving leftover-mashed-potato-gnocchi with pork tenderloin gravy and a side dish of cabbage (both also last night's leavings). This combination turned out to be surprisingly tasty.

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